Central Asia Aviation Summit #6
Navigating the Rise of Central Asia Airports and Airlines
September 12, 2024, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
International Hotel Tashkent, Amir Temur, 107А
Industry Professionals Gathering to Explore New Opportunities
World air transport is facing unprecedented challenges and undergoing tectonic changes. The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected all air transport. The closure of Russia’s vast airspace has had a significant impact on the balance of local markets. The demand for the services of Central Asian and Caucasian carriers and airports is growing, and new opportunities are opening up for them.

270+ participants
35+ airlines
10+ airports
How It Was
Free participation for airlines.
Participation in the conference is always an opportunity to meet colleagues and network. Special comfortable zones for informal talk and extra time for coffee-breaks are provided.
At the end of the business day all participants are invited to the evening reception!
Evening Reception

Key Topics

  • The Big Picture of the Region. Facing Crisis Upon Crisis: How the Air Transport Can Respond
  • Connecting Europe and Asia: Covid-19 Recovery Tracker
  • Covid, Ukraine and Staff Shortage Crisis: Air Transport Route to Recovery and a Sustainable Future Strategies
  • Staff Shortage: Travel Demand and Carriers' Potential
  • CEO Talks: Air Transport Market — Creating a New World
  • The Leadership Exclusive Updates Direct from Key Airline and Airport Decision Makers and Network Planners
  • Airline Digital Strategies
  • Today Challenges and Future of Air Travel Ecosystem
  • Airport Strategies
  • Airline Fleet Strategies
  • Air Cargo Strategies
Dialogue with Airline & Airport Leaders
Industry Focus
CEO Talks
Discussion and Exchange of Experience
Executive Session
Industry Overview
Aviation Growth and Expansion in Central Asia, West Asia, and the Middle East
Sergejs Balonuskovs, IATA
Analysis. Air Cargo in Uzbekistan
Emre Serpen, Chief Executive, TroyNet
Development of Central Asia Travel Flows: Strategies of Airlines, Agencies, and Travel Operators
Sophie Ibbotson, Uzbekistan's Tourism Ambassador, Consultant to The World Bank
Update Your Knowledge
World air transport is facing unprecedented challenges and undergoing tectonic changes. The COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine has seriously affected all air transport. The closure of Russia’s vast airspace has had a significant impact on the balance of local markets. The demand for the services of Central Asian and Caucasian carriers and airports is growing, and new opportunities are opening up for them.
At the Central Asia Aviation Summit 2023 conference, representatives from airlines, airports, travel companies, air cargo providers, IT companies, leasing companies and financial institutions, insurance companies and aircraft manufacturers will discuss the changes taking place in the vast regional passenger and cargo market in Asia and neighboring countries, assess the long-term opportunities and risks, receive up-to-date information on aircraft financing and trends in the leasing market.
Among Speakers
  • Sergejs Balonuskovs
    Country Manager Central Asia, IATA
  • Sophie Ibbotson
    Uzbekistan's Tourism Ambassador, Consultant to The World Bank
  • Vinay Malhotra
    Head of Global Sales, IndiGo
  • Zhanna Shayakhmetova
    Director of Passenger and Cargo Sales, Air Astana
  • Emre Serpen
    Chief Executive, TroyAvi
  • Mario Antonio Ebcim
    Director, Commercial Airplane Sales, Eurasia, Boeing
  • Artem Trdatian
    Regional Sales Director, Airbus
  • Pawel Skuteli
    Regional Director Airline Marketing, Embraer Commercial Aviation
  • Amir Saeed
    Section Manager, Finance, Saudia
  • Rene Gsponer
    Acting CEO, COO, Accountable Manager, Humo Air
  • Andrey Osintsev
    Head of Marketing and Sales, HumoAir
  • Femi Olowoyeye
    Compliance Officer, Somon Air
  • Plamen Atanassov
    Non-executive Director, Board Member, Fly2Sky Airlines
  • Robert Obolgogiani
    Executive Vice President CIS & South Asia, Aviareps
  • Ivan Strelnikov
    Business Development & Strategy, Leipzig/Halle & Dresden Airports (Mitteldeutsche Flughäfen)
  • Sergey Koltovich
    Independent Expert
  • Timur Perkov
    Strategic Development Consultant (Uzbekistan)
  • Kamil Gaynutdinov
    CEO, 1000 Lakes
Central Asia Aviation Summit builds on the success of previous regional conferences organized by ato comm last year. We received a number of appreciative feedback, including the proposal to hold industry conferences in various major air transport development hubs in the Central Asian region.
  • Artem Trdatian
    Regional Sales Director, Airbus
  • Ildar Abubekirov
    Country Manager — Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, Jazeera Airways
  • Ulugbek Azamov
    Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Vadims Fokins
    Sales Director, Embraer
  • Sergejs Balonuskovs
    Country Manager Central Asia, IATA
  • Alejandro Rivera
    Senior Manager, IATA Consulting
  • Jurgen Renner
    Principal, IATA Consulting
  • Alen Šćuric
    CEO, Zamaaero
  • Dilmurodkhon Bakhtiyorkhonov
    Area Manager Uzbekistan, Flydubai
  • Zhasurbek Choriev
    Deputy Minister of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Ratan Ratnakar
    CEO, Kyrgyz Airways
  • Sebastian Selmeier
    Business Development Manager — Europe & CIS, Munich Airport International
  • Rano Jurayeva
    CEO, Uzbekistan Airports
  • Jacques Garrigue
    Vice-President Eastern Europe & Central Asia, Airbus
  • Timur Dekhkanbaev
    CEO, Tas Avia Supply
  • Jerome Gabory
    VP Sales Europe, ATR
  • Kamil Gaynutdinov
    CEO, Global South Logistics
  • Adel Dauletbek
    VP Marketing & Sales, Air Astana
  • Umid Khusanov
    First Deputy Chairman of the Board, Uzbekistan Airways
  • Shukhrat Yadgarov
    Deputy Chairman of the Board for commerce and tourism, Uzbekistan Airways
  • Igor Panshin
    Deputy General Director, Sky Net Technics
  • Micheal Berlouis
    Head of Strategic Projects, Wizz Air
  • Dmitriy Martynenko
    Commercial Department Director, Air Marakanda
Vadims Fokins, Sales Director, Embraer
“With its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Uzbekistan records a long and rich history of trade and commerce. Today, the country has the potential to become one of themajor modern aviation hubs in the region, thanks to its rapidly growing aviation sector.”
Timur Perkov, Commercial Director, Qanot Sharq
"The Central Asian region is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world in terms of aviation, given its substantial capacity, along with China and the Asia-Pacific regions. We have strategic plans to expand our network up to 30 destinations by the end of 2030 and increase our fleet. We have a wide network of partners across the globe, and we collaborate closely to capitalize on market opportunities for our passengers, explore new destinations, and actively support the Ministry of Tourism of Uzbekistan Republic in developing tourism in Uzbekistan.
I would definitely suggest that this is a must-visit event for all aviation related people. It provides a great networking opportunity here in Central Asia.”
Adel Dauletbek, VP Marketing & Sales, Air Astana
"It is a great pleasure for us to be in Tashkent because Central Asia is a vast region that is experiencing significant growth, especially after the pandemic. Passenger traffic is booming, and this is a pivotal moment for us. Just a few weeks ago, we increased the number of flights to Tashkent. We have also resumed many international destinations from Almaty and Kazakhstan, connecting to various European destinations. This event brings together our industry, which is particularly crucial after the pandemic. I believe it is of great importance, and I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for hosting this event in our region, Tashkent. Here, we have the opportunity to meet many suppliers, providers, airports, and airlines, making this event highly valuable for networking. Thank you!"
Timur Dekhkanbaev, CEO, Tas Avia Supply
"This conference allowed us to present our company, share information with the audience about the services we provide, and discuss opportunities and prospects for the development of the aviation industry in the Central Asian region. We met new people and found new customers and like-minded individuals. We consider events held in this format to be useful and important. We are planning to take an active part in the next conferences."
Kamil Gaynutdinov, CEO, Global South Logistics
"Thank you for inviting us, thank you for great event. Central Asia is one of the rapidly growing regions it the larger region, in the Asia region. Today the Central Asia region has population growth… Now Central Asia place just in the middle of all the flows, and Central Asia connect Europe with China and there will be a lot of cargo, a lot of export and also people movements. So today Central Asia is really benefiting… The aviation is a big part of this growth. And what we do, we support this growth!
We are happy to be here with you, thank you for allow to present, speak, have an exhibition here, we happy to have stand, we are happy to engage with our future potential customers, with existing customers in the region. Keep doing what you doing, keep up great work! I’m impressed! Lots of people, it’s gone above my expectations!"
Jurgen Renner, Principal, IATA Consulting (IATA HQ Montreal)
"I was not expecting such a large attendance. It is my first time in Uzbekistan, and I have had the pleasure of meeting very interesting people from airports and airlines. I am very pleased with the experience."
Artem Trdatian, Regional Sales Director, Airbus Commercial
"The market is currently experiencing robust growth, and this positive trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Airbus has been actively involved in the region for the past 30 years and has established a significant presence. With over 70 aircraft in operation, we hold a market share of over 50%. We recognize the growing demand for additional aircraft in the region, including both single-aisle and wide-body models. Our commitment is to further expand our market share and enhance our presence in the fleets of airlines by offering more new generation Airbus aircraft."
Mario Antonio Ebcim, Director, Strategy and Market Development, Eurasia, Boeing
Conference Benefits
  • Meet the right people. Be introduced to leading international experts, major air transport industry players, lawyers and financiers.
  • Discover the trends. Gain a feeling for the future trends in Eurasian market, learn how the industry has mastered the crisis: solutions, synergies and opportunities.
  • Cooperate to succeed. Be introduced to innovative ideas which broaden horizons and challenge stereotypes. Respond to constructive cooperation between companies within the region.
Representatives of airlines and airports senior management from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova and other neighbouring countries, as well as senior figures from international leasing companies and financial institutions are invited as speakers and participants.
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Leasing companies
  • Financial companies
  • Aircraft and engine manufacturers
  • Insurance companies
  • Law firms
  • Consulting companies
  • MRO
  • Media
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Your registration includes
  • Unlimited networking: request and arrange meetings through meeting service
  • Full conference programme
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Discover Tashkent
  • Tashkent is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan. It is the most populous city in Central Asia.There are so many wonderful reasons why you should visit Tashkent. For many years, Tashkent has been the most important business and cultural center of the country, attracting tourists and businessmen from various countries of the world. Tashkent has a large list of attractions. It will take several days to visit all of them.

The Hagia Sophia

If you only have time for one thing in Istanbul, it should be the Hagia Sophia.

This cathedral was constructed in 537 AD. For 900 years it was the seat of the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople. The Hagia Sophia was the single greatest architectural achievement of the Byzantine Empire. In 1453, when the Ottomans took over Constantinople, the Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque. It functioned as a museum until July 2020. Now, it is a mosque.

Eyup Sultan Mosque

This is a mosque much less visited by tourists than the other mosques on this list. Located in an area outside of the main touristic zone, when you are here, Istanbul really feels “authentic.” This is a beautiful area of the city. From the mosque, follow the walking trail uphill through the cemetery. It is a beautiful walk and from the top you get a great view of the Golden Horn and Istanbul.

Try Some New Foods

While in Istanbul, try some of the local foods. Kofte are meatballs made with lamb or beef. Pide is “Turkish pizza.” Meze are cold appetizers. Dolma are stuffed vine leaves or vegetables. Sis Kebabs, skewers of cooked meat, are delicious. Doner is a meat sandwich made from lamb, beef, or chicken. Turkish delight (lokum) and baklava are two delicious options for dessert.

This half day food tour, led by a local guide, includes a visit to both sides of the Bosphorus River. Try Kurdish foods, learn how to smoke a water pipe, cross the Bosphorus by ferry, and more.

Cruise the Bosphorus River

Istanbul is the only city to span two continents, Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus River divides these two continents. If you have the time, a cruise on the Bosphorus River is a great way to see more of this city.

The cruise leaves from Eminonu in the morning and travels north towards the Black Sea. Midday, have lunch in the small fishing village of Anadolu Kavagi. From Anadolu Kavagi, walk fifteen minutes uphill to the Yoros Castle. From here, you will have excellent views of the Black Sea.

By 5 pm you will arrive back at the Golden Horn in Istanbul. This is a low key day, a perfect day to put midway through your tour through the city. Most of the time you sit and watch Istanbul glide by as you cruise the Bosphorus.
Event Details
November 23, 2023
International Hotel Tashkent
Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Amir Temur, 107А
(Google Maps)
Promo code for booking: ATOCOMM23
Produced by
mark comm, ato comm
+1 202 350-22-92
+386 1 600-31-33

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